Abe the Magpie

In my living room, there is a box. It belongs to Abe and no one can touch it unless they enjoy being berated. Things in it include:

  • photo of Abe’s soccer team
  • tiny orange wallet
  • mini scissors
  • silver pencil
  • orange marker
  • $1.34 in change
  • set of 10 screwdriver tips: phillips, regular, square, star
  • ~4 feet of clothesline
  • tiny notebook that Leah and I used to make Spanish shopping lists in Barcelona in 2003
  • hotel soap from Conrad Hotel, Indianapolis, IN
  • screwdrivers, assorted
  • unidentifed threaded bolt from something
  • min SD card, 128MB
  • rachet attachments: 7, 8, and 10 mm
  • hook for holding garment bag to hotel room door
  • Max’s missing watch (shhhh!)
  • 2 shells
  • Mardi Gras beadds
  • plastic baseball player
  • chestnut
  • “Disloyalty” coffee card from Ula Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA
  • toothpick with teeny conch shell glued to end
  • toilet paper roll with bottle caps taped to it
  • black crayon
  • tiny plastic Playmobile sword

I have at least four more boxes like this all around the house. Love that kid.

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