You know what? We’re in Spain.

Don’t tell us what happened on the final Friday Night Lights.

So, yeah, we did it again. Swapped our house for an apartment in Gracia, a nice neighborhood just outside the center of Barcelona and kicked around for 3 weeks. Max hasn’t really learned any Spanish, but he has memorized all the starters on the Barca soccer team, learned from his buddy C. that we hate Real Madrid, and begun pining for a Leo Messi jersey to wear to his JP Soccer games. He noticed that Sr. Messi was shorter than all the other players, and when I told him that some people call Messi the best player in the world, he got ecstatic: “Dad! You know what? I am shorter than almost all of my friends! So maybe I will also be pretty much the best at soccer.” And so we will buy a jersey. Someday he will realize that he has sports fan genes, not really athlete genes, but for now he is pretty damn excited.

I had all these great intentions of writing every day, like Hemingway did in his blog when he went to Spain, but, you know how life is when you are lazy and forget to bring your camera cord and also forget to take very many pictures. Here’s my best shot at a recap of the past two weeks:

  1. Flew overnight separated into two and two. Asked people to swap seats with us: no go. Made sure to take Max to pee by asking the grumpy woman who wouldn’t switch seats to get up over and over. Played Bejeweled on the airplane video game system, first with, and then for, Max, for about 3 hours. Not. That. Much. Fun.
  2. Got reacquainted with our old plaza. Kicked a lot of soccer balls around. Played some tennis. Chased some pigeons.
  3. Went to visit our friend Melissa in San Vincent de Calders at a huge crazy modern house with a pool and no kitchen equipment, but a really nice kitchen. Opened all the drawers 1,000 times to find bottle openers, pizza cutters, and so on. Swam and swam.
  4. Somehow changed the kids’ bedtimes from 8:30 to 10 pm without changing their wake up time. Dumb.
  5. Took the train to Sitges to see Jose and Colby. Swam in the pool for hours. Max actually swam all the way across and was thrilled, both by his accomplishment and by the price he had extracted to practice swimming: 4 nights of going out for ice cream.
  6. Looked up from pool to see Abe flying off pool deck towards me yelling, “Dive!” Note: Abe can’t swim
  7. Ate almost no green vegetables for entire time. Even the kids complained of craving broccoli
  8. Made up for this with gallons of melon gelato. Pretty much a 1:1 trade
  9. Worked for a week. Not so bad, really. The days are loooong here (see #4) and so I get to see the kids much more than when I am working at home in the USA
  10. Introduced Max to squid ink pasta. The verdict: “This is the most salty thing I’ve ever eaten that was so awesome.” Note: tomorrow, we try arroz negro, which is squid ink rice. My prediction? He’ll like it, but not as much as crema catalana, which is like creme brulee
  11. Played so much tag. So much.
  12. Yearly quota of cured pork products: filled. Sorry, Grandma.

The weather has been amazing – nice and cool, which is great for me since I don’t really dig on summer heat. This makes it easier to chase Abe down the street when he erupts from his stroller to chase a moto or pick up something filthy from the ground. Why is he so attracted to things filthy? The other day he tried to bite a fence. And don’t even get me started about all the buttons and moving rails in the bathroom on the train. His comment: “Dad, I forget why I wanted to come in here.” Me: “You said you had to poop.”  Abe: “Now I can’t remember to poop or not.”  Me: “Uh, well, it’s not really like that. Sit down.” But the door opened with a button, and the button was green and blinking, and there was just no way he could not press it, and then he was gone. Whoosh.

What’s left? Leah and I will try to go out to dinner so I have more to report on in the food department than just ice cream and jamon serrano, we’ll buy you some presents (no, not you), and maybe I’ll get new shoes. Max also declared that he wants new shoes. 4 things like that on a to do list are pretty much all we can handle in a week, along with seeing some friends.

Maybe some more later.

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2 Responses to You know what? We’re in Spain.

  1. Shuba says:

    Dan, that was a *fantastic* read! Laughed so hard I nearly fell off the chair… keep ‘em coming! Oh and have another gallon of Melon Gelato for me! Hope you manage to get out for dinner with Leah sans kids :)

    Waiting for the next installment!

  2. Dhruv says:

    Hilarious as usual Dan. Enjoy Barca…

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