Go Fish

The scene:  Max and I are playing Go Fish. Abe is “on my team,” which means he throws the cards around, gets taken upstairs for a breather, laughs at me, and we start again. Finally he settles down and sort of gets into the game. Sort of.

Max: Hey, Abe, ask me for something.

Abe: What?

Max: Ask me for something. A card. What card do you want? Like, “Got any…”

Abe:  Got any butterflies?

Max: (dramatic sigh) No, Abe. Not, like, anything you want. Something that’s on the cards.

Abe: Ummmmmmmm….got any ….numbers?

Max: (Angry, he thinks Abe is trying to trick him) Yes, Abe, obviously. But you’re trying to get me to say what numbers I have. Nice try. You have to say what number you want.

Abe: Oh. Sixty-three.

Max: Abe! You have to ask for something right here, that you can see. Not sixty-three, that isn’t even a number in cards!

Abe looks out the window, thinking.

Abe: Got any windows?

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