The Mediterranean Diet

We are going to live to be 550 years old, now that Max is addicted to a few things.

Thing 1: Nutella. It can’t be worse than jelly, correct? And the jar says it is hazelnut paste, which is basically soy nut butter, which is essentially dirt and vitamins. Plus, after a hot morning kicking the ball around the courtyard, it dramatically improves his mood.

Nutella face

Can something that makes you smile like this be wrong?

Thing 2: Melon with jamon. A person needs protein (well, maybe not after all that hazelnut vitamin paste) and melon is a big green fruit and therefore clearly healthy. Together they are like the Wondertwins of breakfast. Look at it another way: if a little salty cured meat gets your kids to gorge themselves silly on nice healthy stuff, I say go for it.¬† Max and Abe are eating this stuff as if they do not know what a nice slice of jamon costs around here (30 Euros/kilo if you’re keeping score at home, but it is very light). Note the use of a fork as well, not something we get every day.

Serious consideration for the ham and melon breakfast. No smiling.

After breakfast we took our crazy stroller contraption and headed out of our courtyard and made our way to the metro. We are making this the Summer of the Hot Commute.

For the record, I push the stroller sometimes, too. It’s heavy. We headed for the University Gardens¬† but *surprise* it was closed. Thanks, Sunday. Whatever. We really just wanted to get lunch. Max ate even more pork and soon it was time to go home for Abe’s nap.

Max took the bus.

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