Off to Sitges

Our friend Jose now lives outside the city, in Sitges, which is convenient for us because Sitges is on the beach and his apartment has a pool as well. This time, we did not leave all our luggage on the train, which made Max happy. When we went out there for the first time, a week or so ago, we were so addled by having to carry a sleepy Max and a wild Abe off the train that we forgot our, you know, stuff. Max was furious at us and basically told us that we should not be trusted to plan trips. But the train staff found the bags at the end of the line, I took the train 30 minutes to collect the bags, and we were back in business.

This time, as I said, we arrived without incident, and got quickly into the pool, like so:

Jose’s son, Colby, who is also 5, joined us for much of the festivities.

Max and Colby got along like 5 year old buddies do, which is to start 1000 fights, then, while the adults are trying to sort out the opposing sides, forget about said fights and tell us to stop talking. It was a relaxing three days. Even Abe got in on the action.

The best part of the little trip, though, was when we went out to dinner on the second night. Max and Colby went outside to play in the street, which is ok here, probably because the streets are 4 feet wide. They came back in, having run into Jose’s neighbors and their daughters, also 5 or 6 years old, with whom we had been playing in the pool all day. Well, “we” weren’t really playing with them – Colby was. Max was pretty shy about playing in a group of kids speaking Spanish. But at dinner, they all invented a game consisting of hitting each other with plastic bottles. Max did not have a bottle, but he put a pair of socks on his hands and everyone seemed to agree that that was fine by them. So he was in.

At the end, he said, “I’m so proud of myself!” So was I, for finding a way to communicate, but I wanted to hear him say that he had learned a lesson about how to join a group by just playing the game or being confident. He said, “I really hit Colby hard with my socks.” Perhaps the more important point. Lest you think, though, that they are not getting along, see how they play video games:

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