Irrational Four-Year Old Watch

Max woke up, inexplicably, at three in the morning. Not, like, fell out of bed and cried woke up, like ready to go milk the cows woke up. First Leah, then I, tried to convince him to go back to sleep, so maybe we’re the irrational ones. He looked out the window and announced, “It’s light out.” One of the great things about kids is that they can take an expression like, “He’s so contrary that if I said the sky was blue, he’d say it wasn’t,” and make it into a real thing to argue about. Four crackers and about two hours (five a.m.!) later, he went back to sleep.

We are trying to get Max to sleep through the night without needing a diaper. He is fine during the day, but night is a challenge. We’ve been waking him up at 11 or so, which is funny because he pees without waking up, and is completely floppy and sometimes says hilarious things, like, “Dad, how come we’re outside now?” But it is not the way to go, long term. So we let him try it on his own and, lo and behold, he made it. But then, when he woke up, arguably having gone longer without peeing than at any other time in his life, he refused to acknowledge that he needed to go to the bathroom and refused to go. He managed to hold it in until it was time to leave for school at 8:30, about two hours after he woke up, and then he peed on the hostas, declaring, “Oh, I love to pee outside!”

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