Abe grows up, Max follows suit.

So Abe has gone from a scrawny plucked chicken to a fat 12 pounder in 6 short weeks. Here we can see his enormous-looking brother crowding him out of his own changing pad. Max has, of course, taken a new and pretty transparent interest in such things as changing pads and the gimini, which is that little play mat with an arch over it, from which you can suspend mirrors and little rattley balls and so on. Abe, like his brother before him, is much more interested in always being in contact with one of his parents (So. Sweaty.) than he is in playing with toys at this stage, so he could care less. But I care. Because look at those noggins: if Max rolls on Abe while jockeying for gimini position, he will crush him. The role, as I see it, of parents of more than one kid is to fight off the Law of the Jungle so that both kids can survive, even though each of them is programmed to off the other, according to Steven Pinker. Me, I think that view of evolution is a little silly, since we’ve managed to turn ourselves into a society that does not offer great reproductive chances for those convicted of eating their brothers. So that’s good for Abe. And Adam. Because, you never know when a guy could go all wild animal.

Things here have been remarkably normal as summer has hit and I am approaching being Unemployed Guy. I thought I would be able to work nice, leisurely, short days, but there’s the same amount of work as ever, and I only have a very limited time to do it now. So I continue to be something of a pain in the neck on the helping-with-dinner front. It doesn’t help that my boss seems to be in a bit of denial and is still emailing me things to do while he is on vacation. Never mind that I have three more days of work. I’ll be the only one in the building, so that will be odd.

We have been filling the extra daylight hours with activities such as the Upper Knoll Street Block Party (14th annual – this time with tequila shots at midnight!), Sam’s birthday, and lots of hot weather baking. Sam somehow got the word out that he wanted a batting helmet and, lo and behold, he had three or four of them. He and Max tried them on, using teamwork.

Then, they assumed the Jason Varitek position. Sam only wants to be a catcher, which is probably why he got so many helmets.

Max, though, unschooled in the baseball-obsession that is 5-year-old boyhood, was skeptical about how much fun it might actually be to wear a helmet.
Plus, the helmet was heavy, so he gave up.For my part, I managed to snap a lot of pictures and not make any inappropriate jokes during the entire scene, during which Leah was doubled over with laughter such that she almost dropped Abe. Remember Abe? He just tries to look pretty and stay out of trouble. We will try to take more pictures of him. The second kid gets the shaft, but Abe is so devilishly handsome that he may get past that one. If his parents can get their collective act together.

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