Max likes gloves, specifically my gloves. They make his hands look giant and he totters around saying, “Giant hands.” He also does well with a hat, though that doesn’t make him say anything other than “hat on, hat off” so much that you begin to ignore both instructions.

He had occasion to get so gloved on our trip to Vermont. Most of the trip consisted of eating and drinking things and a little skiiing. It’s been two years since I’ve been skiing, so that was good stuff.

As far as the eats, the most interesting part was when we cooked a giant pig steak that I got from the Farm School…um…a year ago. It was frozen, of course, but some parts were still less delicious than other parts, and it’s possible that maybe they were a little gray. We also had a nice roast chicken and found that we were among 8 other adults who ALL liked brussel sprouts. Go figure. I advise you to check with your friends: you may be running in a more sprout-o-philic circle than you think.

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