Doug Mienkeiwitz is one of the Red Sox’ three first basemen and the only one who can reliably catch a baseball. He also hits about .250 but makes $2.8 million a year. Doug had the good fortune this past fall to make the final putout in the Sox’ World Series victory. And he kept the ball. Why? Well, when Mark McGwire’s 70th dinger brings in $3 million, and Barry Bonds’ 73rd fetches $900,000, it’s clear he saw a few dollar signs written on that baseball.

Red Sox management, of course, sees it differently. Though the ball is actually Mienkeiwitz’ property, according to Major League Baseball – sort of like those sticky notes you brought home and put on your desk – Larry Lucchino wants to put it in a museum. A museum! How crazy.

Mienkiewitz, for his part, plans to make the ball his “retirement savings.” He did not mention which part of his yearly draw is currently helping him save for retirement, but it’s clear that he has wild dreams for his family that might require the extra million bucks or so that the ball could bring in:

“I know this ball has a lot of sentimental value,” he said. “I hope I don’t have to use it for the money. It would be cool if we have kids someday to have it stay in our family for a long time. But I can be bought. I’m thinking, there’s four years at Florida State for one of my kids. At least.”

Yes, at least. Since the average student stay at FSU probably runs about 6 or 7 years.

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